Creative Director / Arranger
Composer / Sound Designer
Jordan Teal
Yumi Tanabe
Music Producer


WOWOW - the name alone conveys a jolt of enthusiasm, which is how we felt working alongside visual partner Command-E on the new Sonic Identity for Japan’s first HD satellite channel. Sonic Branding - sometimes called Sonic Identities, Mnemonics, Jingles, Stings, Sizzles - has been called many names. It captures a brand’s essence in a 3-5 second audio experience that ensures a brand is not only seen, but heard.
Honoring the dynamic visuals created by Command-E, Syn was tasked with creating a signature Sonic Identity for the overarching brand. Then, like its diverse content, each WOWOW channel’s sonic identity has a unique style - following the core Identity mnemonic, but with differing genres and instrumentation. We recorded a string quartet in London, as well as vocalists all over the globe, bringing global collaboration to this impressive visual and aural rebrand.

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