Kaz Haga

Tokyo-based Music Producer, Kaz Haga, started his musical journey studying Jazz at Leeds College of Music in the UK, before returning home to Japan to pursue music composition in the theater before joining Syn in 2017. 

His passion for producing music aligns with Syn’s pursuit of the extraordinary, with some of his stand-out projects at Syn ranging from turning Amazon boxes into percussion for the brand’s 2020 New Year Sales campaign to celebrating Kubota’s 100th anniversary with a unique rearrangement of Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ using sounds exclusively recorded from factory of the Kubota HQ. 

Outside of Syn, his skills on the drums can be seen in the studio and at live shows with Tatsuki Mori's band, kill me Elk.

Amazon Holiday Campaign

Music Composition

Kubota Engine Discovery

Music Composition & Sound Design