Our Story

Syn was founded in 1991 as a global collaboration by Simon, Yasmin and Nick. Nick has spent the last 34 years living in Tokyo and exploring “what the world sounds like”. 

In that time, Syn has been building incredible relationships with some of our world’s most talented and unique artists, musicians, engineers, sound designers and producers. Creatives who share a passion for storytelling through music and sound. 

Syn studios in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, London, and Manila have been lending this collective talent to some of the most powerful brands in the world, led by innovative creatives and demanding brand stewards who continue to ask for unique and innovative solutions that only Syn can provide.

This is what the world sounds like.

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Tokyo Studio

The brain and heart of the main studio is a high-power, high-performance ProTools HDX digital audio workstation, linked to a NEVE Genesys - the classic, 32-channel British mixing desk that imbues every sound passing through it with a warm, human tone. A vast collection of plug-ins and analog outboard effects lets engineers work in or out of the box, or anywhere in between.  A master clock by Antelope, the best in the business, keeps everything ticking over in perfect sync. The Syn Studio set-up creates a rich, unique sound. 

The rack of six classic NEVE 1081 pre-amps are teamed with a Fairchild 670 compressor, possibly the world’s most sought-after tube compressor, and a collection of beautiful vintage mics from the 1940s and 1950s are on hand to add a glow to vocals and voiceovers.

Shanghai Studio

Syn’s Shanghai Studio is located in Zhaohua DoBe E-Manor in Changning District, a cultural and creative industrial park tucked away in the heart of the downtown business district, surrounded by greenery. Every detail of the studio is designed to reflect Syn's pursuit of perfect sound quality, by creating a precise acoustic environment to meet a wide range of recording needs, ideal for vocal recording, ADR, solo instruments and small bands.

The studio includes a fully functional live room and a control room for post-editing, mixing, monitoring and mastering. At the heart of Syn’s Shanghai Studio is the AMS Neve 8424, inheriting the Neve brand's six decades of highly respected sound quality, providing the system with top of the range audiophile-worthy tone, boasting a pure and classic British sound with the perfect combination of speed, flexibility and integrated production required for today's workflow.