Mathieu Kranich

Syn’s Production Manager, Mathieu Kranich, has followed his passion for music across the globe, from his native France to Japan.

Based in Tokyo, Mathieu enjoys working on unique and collaborative projects, with a hands-on attitude to the creative process. 

His work as a composer has been recognized in projects for WOWOW Cinema and Stephen Shaw’s documentary, Birthgap, where Mathieu’s experience as an arranger for piano and strings is instrumental in creating rearrangements, orchestration and ensemble direction.

His work has also crossed into gaming, with a musical contribution to the Cocone game, ‘Janken’. Stepping outside of the studio environment, Mathieu has traveled to Shikoku Island for field recordings for skincare brand Tatcha, recording Indigo plants for their Five Senses Ritual campaign. 

His down time involves a good book, or a good meal with friends!


Music Composition

Kubota Engine Discovery

Music Composition & Sound Design