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What The World Sounds Like

In an ever-increasingly stressful world, science tells us that music and sound are a key to unlock states of calm and wellbeing in powerful ways. When combined with the science and healing found in nature, the results are profound.
Tatcha and Syn embarked on a journey inspired by Japanese culture and ingredients to deliver an original sonic transformative experience. Fundamental to this project is the truth that nature has its own sound - sometimes referred to as ‘pink noise’ - with frequencies that have a positive impact on wellbeing. Sounds such as waves breaking and steady rain are prime examples, and at Lake Towada, surrounded by an unspoiled nature, Syn explored the sound palette for this collection of music.
Working with a nature guide we sought a deeper understanding of the landscape to bring this soundscape to life through field recordings across the region. We recorded plants, waterfalls, streams, the shoreline itself, along with vocals and a variety of bamboo flutes, celebrating that nature has a melody of its own. These recordings were then used as the basis for the soundtrack for Tatcha’s day spa - immersing clients in a sensory experience that includes the brand’s signature approach to skincare wellness as part of a holistic ritual.
For Syn, this collaboration was a reminder of the possibilities that one can discover when embracing the outside world as a space and inspiration for both creativity and healing.

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