Alan Mawdsley

Originating from the UK, Music Director Alan Mawdsley’s journey in music production and mixing has garnered an impressive depth of experience, having been at Syn for over 10-years.

From playing the bugle in a marching band with the Sea Cadets as a child, to being head in-house engineer for Avex Studios in London, Alan Mawdsley has accumulated years of expertise, demonstrated on projects with Syn such as Tatcha’s ‘Indigo’ and the engine sound (AVAS) of the Fiat 500E. He credits his skillset to years of honing his skills in the studio, working with a diverse range of talent.

His innate ability to engage with technology in the music production space, combined with an acute ear for tone and timbre has led him to create Sound Design for Mercedes Benz, compose Sonic Identities for WOWOW, Cartoon Network Studios and give a helping hand in polishing many of Syn's projects.
A passionate collector of vinyl, especially Japanese Wamono and 70's / 80's reggae


Sonic Branding

Tatcha Indigo

Sonic Branding

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