Creative Director
Camille Z
Composer / Vocalist
Arranger / Additional Production

Spacia X

Spacia X’ is a new railway line, connecting Tokyo with popular resort town, Nikko. For this campaign, featuring stunning visuals in an enticing celebration of travel, Camille Z’s signature style of melodic alt-pop music captured the attention of Syn Tokyo Producer, Ritz Hiraga. In Ritz’s words, “Camille Z was very creative and keen to know all the details regarding the creative vision and was very communicative with the Syn team. We were thrilled to produce the original music and lyrics for this project alongside her."
This collaboration between Ritz and Camille Z captured the charm of travelling through the Japanese countryside, paying tribute not only to the method of transportation, but to the journey itself, “The Director came to us with a vision – they didn’t want to highlight the melody with too much luxury. It’s almost like taking a train to Nikko where rather than the focus being on luxurious seats, the emphasis is on someone having a nice day on a getaway trip. In other words, the director wanted to put charm and specialty without over doing it”. We look forward to making the trip ourselves soon on Tobu Railway’s ‘Spacia X’.

Camille Z 'New Waters' EP is now available for licensing from Syn Songs, listen here:

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