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Chris Watson
Sound Designer
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National Geographic

Delving deep and exploring sonic branding for National Geographic: we were hired by Disney EMEA to create the sonic identity for the National Geographic in-store brand, giving a voice to their iconic yellow rectangle logo and highlighting the brand’s commitment to human, cultural and natural geography. National Geographic’s stores offer fans of this much-loved brand a range of toys and lifestyle apparel inspired by aspects of nature including the ocean, animals, and more.
Blending human creativity and the natural world, we worked with award-winning sound designer, Chris Watson (HBO’s Chernobyl) and acclaimed guitarist David Torn (David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’) to bring recorded sounds and textural guitar to the sonic identity. Chris Watson’s recordings include sounds captured from icebergs in the arctic and underwater kelp, infusing the sound palette with textures innate to realms explored by Nat Geo and its audiences.
Alongside the core mnemonic, our co-founder and Chief Creative Director Nick Wood composed an ‘Ocean Theme’ - an extended track highlighting one of life’s essential elements, water, blending natural sound samples with orchestral elements in an epic original composition.

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