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Level Infinite

Tencent's hotly anticipated new publishing division, 'Level Infinite', is dedicated to delivering high-quality games to a global audience. For this highly creative expression of the brand, we collaborated closely with the Tencent team, as well as London-based visual partners DesignStudio, to develop a Level Infinite mnemonic.
With a name as bold as 'Level Infinite', and eye-popping content from the likes of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, TiMi Studio Group and NExT Studios, our goal was to create an instantly recognizable Sonic Identity to that demonstrated a ‘crossing of the threshold’ for gamers looking for an other-worldly experience.
The Syn team created multiple demo approaches, working in tandem with our visual partners in London to create music alongside the visual process. With composers from our teams working in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles and London, this global collaboration came together with a unique, memorable and highly imaginative marriage of music and visuals.
Level Infinite centers around innovation and the ability to bring unique, exhilarating games to millions of players around the world. It also offers studios the freedom to imagine and create new games that expand their potential. That spirit of imagination, entertainment, and forward vision was the fuel for this expressive collaboration.

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