Creative Director
Sound Designer
Lora Yu
Sound Designer / Mixer
Production Manger

Jordan Beyond

Working with AKQA and Nike’s Jordan Brand, Syn collaborated on a ground-breaking naked-eye 3D advertisement as part of their ‘Beyond’ campaign. The core messaging of the campaign demonstrates self-belief, inspiring a new generation to take their own leap of faith.The project shows us how creativity, technology and brand narratives prosper together, transcending traditional marketing boundaries. Working hand-in-hand with AKQA, and the visionary minds at Jordan Brand, Syn created dynamic sound design to convey emotions in this impactful piece, amplified by a collaboration with Chinese basketball star, Guo Ailun.
From the swish of a basketball, to the rhythm of Guo’s heartbeat, each sound was carefully chosen to create an immersive and impactful viewing experience. Working closely, Syn teams in Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo collaborated on a powerful soundscape to match the fast-paced energy on screen, inspiring audiences to ‘go beyond’.

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