Creative Director
Jordan Teal
Production / Arranger
Antonio David Paton
Production / Arranger
Production / Mixer

CNN Presidential Debate

As the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election draws near, Syn’s Production Manager Mathieu Kranich collaborated with CNN Creative Marketing for the promo campaign of CNN’s coverage of this highly scrutinised event.
In Mathieu’s words, “CNN wanted to have a ballet of styles using the same melody, so we composed three versions for the project. The main song had a ‘cool vibe’, composed by Jordan Teal, and the second version was solo-violin based, which had a more mysterious and cinematic feel, composed by Antonio David Paton. The final version was piano-led and created a more emotional feel, composed by myself. The leading instrument was a big orchestra - recorded in Hungary - arranged like a movie.
As CNN look to appeal to a younger audience of social-media users, it was important to keep the musical arrangement feeling modern and digitally-friendly. Mathieu’s reflects on this, “When we did the previous Presidential Election music, it had an action-like sound, but this time, CNN wanted a different direction, we we’re asked to make the sound presidential, regal, and refined - containing more modern instruments with a touch of brass and marching.”

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