Creative Director
Jordan Teal

Tokyo Vice Season 2

Thrill seekers, Motorcycle-lovers and Japanophiles the world over have had their wishes granted with the return of HBO’s Tokyo Vice for another season. Set against the backdrop of Tokyo’s criminal underbelly in 1990s Japan, Tokyo Vice tells the story of Jake Adelstein, reporter with the Meicho Shimbun Newspaper, as he reports on the shady activities of the Yakuza. Shot on location in Tokyo, Tokyo Vice Season 2 has gripped audiences around the globe, offering a glimpse into the smokey hedonism of a bygone era.
Syn provided ADR for Season 2, hosting members of the cast at the Syn Tokyo studio and working with both local and global production coordinators. Syn Tokyo’s central location and welcoming spirit made it a firm favourite studio for automated dialogue replacement (ADR), having also worked on Season 1 of the show in 2020.
Having licensed music from the Syn Songs ‘Made In Japan’ catalogue on Season 1, Syn continued to license music for the much awaited follow-up season, with ‘Made In Japan’s’ latest City Pop collection being the perfect sonic backdrop to the neon lights of 90s Tokyo. ‘Time To Move On’ by artist 'Yoko' from Syn’s latest addition to a collection of contemporary Japanese music, “Tokyo Twilight”, summons images of crowded Izakaya, neon-illuminated streets and meaningful glances.
As audiences around the globe dive into Season 2 of Tokyo Vice, available on Max, WOWOW & The BBC, Syn continues to pay tribute to our home-town of Tokyo through music, sound and voice recording.

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