Silvio Anastacio

Silvio Anastacio was born in the mountainous region of Brazil, and has been influenced by various genres of music, eventually developing his own style of music based on Brazilian rhythm.
Silvio has appeared on many albums including a duet with Lisa Ono on her album “Hula Bossa Nova” and contributed to lyrical arrangements for her album “Naima Meu Anjo.”

He arranged and provided Brazilian lyrics on a duet with Simon Le Bon on a cover of the Duran Duran song "Save A Prayer" which was featured on the Starbucks compilation album From The Heart, produced by Syn and Nick Wood.

Silvio also wrote the Brazilian lyrics for and sang on Nick Wood's track "Passion,” which was featured on a commercial for Kirin Breweries during the World Cup, which was later released as a hit single and album.

Silvio’s solo album - ‘last forever’ - features artists such as Ronnie Cuber, Wata Igarashi, Dr. John, Bebel Gilberto and Simon Le Bon.
He has appeared on numerous television programs in both Brazil and Japan.

Silvio is a much missed member of the Syn community, having sadly passed away in 2019.

Silvio Anastacio Playlist