Moe Wakabayashi, a songwriter based in Tokyo, began writing songs at 15.
Growing up loving music of many different genres such as Japanese pop band JUDY AND MARY, AURORA, and Bjork, her themes have always revolved around an imaginative world. Moe explains that a world exists within herself that she created and drew in her sketchbooks as a child. She makes music that fits into the genre of ‘bedroom pop’, which she describes as “a genre where the music is created without live performances in mind”. 
As the name suggests, the genre 'Bedroom Pop' comes from its origins of being created in the artist’s bedroom. Moe’s image of bedroom pop is “disorganized in a good way”, and she loves how artists can create their world and have the freedom to do whatever they want. Moe has cherished this freedom even more so through the collaboration with Syn. “I had never worked with anyone else until this collaboration with Syn. I didn’t know I was so particular about every little sound in each track! It was eye-opening to discover more about myself as an artist. And I will never forget the moving moment when I heard my songs for the first time rerecorded using live instruments.”  
This EP is produced and distributed in collaboration with Syn. “Toy Box” will be released via Syn Songs on all streaming platforms and is available for global film and tv licensing. Syn's Production Manager, Mathieu Kranich comments on the joy of working with Moe: “Moe is a great songwriter and has an amazing voice. Working on the arrangement and production of her songs was a pure pleasure, but we also paid serious attention to respecting her artistic universe. Her music expresses something truly unique, the magic could be partially lost if we didn't make sure to remain watchful of her world. We developed the arrangement of the songs and involved musicians to record guitar, drums, bass, piano, and live strings… the songs were then mixed in our studio in Tokyo by our engineers. It was fascinating to see the songs evolve from Moe's demos to the final results, with her direction, re-recording her vocals, discussing the sounds, etc… overall a beautiful project and we are very proud of the result.

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