Martha Collard

Gong-master, Sound Therapist and Kundalini Yoga teacher are just a few of Martha Collard's many talents and titles. From a career as a corporate executive to a multi-disciplinary approach to sound, movement and healing, Martha has a particular passion for making 'ancient intuitive practices relevant and accessible'. As the founder of Red Doors Studio, based in Hong Kong, Martha's powerful and profound performances have caught the ear of hospitality brands such as The Mandarin Oriental and Rosewood Hotel, as well as corporate clients ranging from KPMG to Lululemon.

Her collaborations with Syn have explored the intersection of sound therapy and original composition, blending gong sounds with ambient environmental elements from nature, to create something truly unforgettable, most recently for a luxury hotel spa soundtrack in London, U.K. In her own words, Martha can be described succinctly as 'one woman, two hands, one purpose. Fueled by a passion to help others.'