Loic Maestracci

Loic Maestracci is a French-born musician specializing in trip-hop, electronica and downtempo production.
Loic draws inspiration from his travels throughout the world, weaving in the sounds and musical traditions of cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London, New Orleans, and Los Angeles into his work. Under the recording moniker Iguazúl, he has released seven singles and an EP "Electro Funk Samba".

His most recent work is the single "The Less You Try, The More You Stand Out.” Loic leverages his keen understanding of advertising and branding for his commercial composition work, including collaborations with Syn for such noted brands as Apple.

As marketing lead for Twitter, Loic worked on iconic campaigns for NFL’s Thursday Night Football, FIFA World Cups and NASA's Mars landing.

He led large cross-functional teams to build global consumer campaigns in sports, music and gaming. He has also held marketing roles at Starmaker Interactive, SOL Republic, Samsung and various music and media technology companies, and is the founder of Music Expo, a live experience to nurture the next generation of music creators in five key music markets across the US and Mexico.

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