Junko Otsubo

Junko Otsubo is an Executive Producer at Syn Tokyo.
Junko’s experience spans the world of A&R, promotion and production, with a passion for how music can change the world.

Her career took a U-turn from initial studies in International Relations and Law when she interned for Fuji Rocks Music Festival as a translator, and realized the boundless potential for music to move people’s hearts and minds.

Since then, Junko has worked at record labels, and later at Syn, where she has been instrumental in event production for clients such as G-Star Raw, Moet Hennessy and Gap, booking international talent such as Scarlett Johansson and Shephard Fairey among many others.

Her latest project is equally impressive, working with a top global fashion brand on exciting opportunities in 2023.
Outside of Syn, her time is spent listening to music, traveling and on the ultimate adventure called motherhood.